Terciduk tengah di kasur bersama Atta, inilah Potret Kemesraan Atta Halilintar dan Aurel Hermansyah

Hubungan Atta Halilintar dan Aurel Hermansyah semakin dekat. Meski menolak disebut berstatus pacaran, keduanya mengaku menjalani hubungan dengan serius. Bahkan pasangan muda ini sudah mendapat lampu hijau dari keluarga

Enggak main-main, Atta dan Aurel bahkan merayakan Idulfitri bersama pada akhir Mei lalu. Berawal dari kerja sama membuat konten YouTube bareng, Atta dan Aurel kini tak segan membagi kemesraan mereka kepada publik.
Kemesraan Atta dan putri dari Anang Hermansyah ini juga ditampilkan dalam video bertajuk AUREL PINDAH KERUMAH ATTA, ATTA KAGET !!! di kanal YouTube Atta Halilintar.

 Dalam video, Aurel memberi kejutan manis dengan datang tiba-tiba ke rumah sang YouTuber.
Atta yang saat itu masih tidur terlihat terkejut dengan kehadiran Aurel di kamarnya. Pasangan ini juga sempat berantem di atas kasur saat Aurel memaksa Atta untuk bangun, dan membuatkannya makanan.
Mengalah dan ingin menuruti kemauan Aurel, Atta melawan rasa kantuknya dan membuatkan putri Krisdayanti itu mi instan.

Penasaran bagaimana kemesraan pasangan yang satu ini? Berikut potretnya.
Aurel Hermansyah berusaha membangunkan Atta yang masih tidur pulas di kamarnya dengan mengusap-usap keningnya.

Tiga bulan tidak mengunjungi rumah Atta akibat Corona, Aurel memaksa sang YouTuber untuk segera bangun dan menghabiskan waktu dengannya.

Begini saat Atta dan Aurel berantem. Atta yang masih mengantuk dipaksa bangun oleh Aurel yang mengaku sudah rindu dengannya.

Mengalah, Atta akhirnya menuruti kemauan Aurel. Ke dapur aja gandengan tangan pakai jari kelingking, so sweet.

Setibanya di dapur, Atta dan Aurel kompak memasak mi instan untuk dimakan berdua.

Aurel mengungkapkan dirinya tak sabar untuk bisa bepergian ke luar negeri bersama Atta.Sambil menikmati makanan, pasangan ini masih juga berantem. Bukan berantem beneran kok, mereka cuma berdebat seru soal cara membuat mi instan.

Auto Insurance Quote - Selecting the Right Coverage For the Best Price

One of the pressures of the life of the adult world is shopping around for insurance, but the more enjoyable part of it is when you get to decide which insurance you're going to purchase. When you're looking at insurance agencies the most important thing that you will probably get from them is the insurance quote. The quote calculates your history with your needs and the insurance company comes up with the price they want to charge.

Fortunately this isn't fixed and you have the ability to shop all sorts of different insurance agencies. These insurance agencies all want you to have a policy through them so they're going to be more than willing to compete with each other for your business, and let's face it when companies compete you win. Auto insurance is one of the most important investments you'll make in your life seeing as if you get in an accident your insurance is going to be all that you'll have to stand on.

When it comes to insurance most companies are more than willing to personalize and come up with a policy suited and tailored to your needs.

In a form of putting the carriage before the horse, in order to get your vehicle registered it has to first be insured, this frequently creates a problem for new drivers, but alas it is one of the things that comes with getting on the road. Getting an auto insurance quote can also be seen as almost as much of a right of passage into adulthood as getting behind the wheel itself. Insurance companies are in it for the money so therefore they are willing to compete for your business.

This means that more often than not you'll be able to choose your policy and work with them until you can come to a policy quote that you can all agree on. New drivers no matter what their ages are considered high risk and therefore new drivers insurance will typically cost more than the auto insurance of someone who's been on the road for the while. Many factors are calculated into risk factors, such as age gender and experience. These factors may raise or lower the amount that one would have to pay on the quote for the insurance.

There are many different insurance agencies that offer similar but differing policies depending on what you want and what you can afford. Some of the most popular of these insurance agencies are, Geico, Esurance, Nationwide, and The General. These are just a few of the insurance agencies that are a little more popular due to their commercials. These are certainly not the only insurance agencies available.

Most cities also have their own resident insurance agencies that specifically cater to the town's needs. Remember when it comes to shopping for insurance quotes no matter what the insurance companies may want to tell you in order to make their money, you get the last word as to which one you want to buy.

The auto insurance quote selection for women needs thorough evaluation and understanding. This is because there are various options and discounts available with auto insurance quotes for women. You can even access a cost effective vehicle insurance quote in this case. 

Have you thought about asking for a free auto insurance quote on the internet? Are you concerned because you may not know anything about the company providing the quote? Are you wondering how you can find out about the reputation of the company giving you a quote, especially when it comes to paying out claims?

This article will tell you how to find out about insurance companies: their financial stability and how many consumer complaints they receive, how to ask for a quote so you can compare apples to apples, and results of online quotes from eight known auto insurance companies.

How to find out the stability of an insurance company

The financial stability of a company is rated by A.M. Best and Standard  Poor's. These companies provide an independent opinion of an insurance companies ability to meet its ongoing policy and contract obligations. The A.M. Best rating is expressed as a letter grade from A++ (the highest) to D. It is recommended that you do not work with companies rating B or lower. The Standard  Poor's Ratings range from triple A (the highest) to CC. It is recommended that you do not work with companies rating lower than BBB.

How to find out individual policy holder satisfaction with an insurance company

Annually J.D. Power and Associates gathers data from policy holders nationwide regarding policy options, pricing, automated phone service and overall satisfaction, with the insurance company providing their insurance. The best rating is 5.

How to Find Out the Number of Consumer Complaints 

The Department of Insurance for each state provides the general public with consumer complaint ratios. This ratio helps the consumer to identify the number of complaints per number of claims filed. A maximum of forty companies are compared. If more than forty insurance companies have complaints, only the forty companies with the most complaints will be compared. It is recommended that the complaint ratio be checked in three or more states to identify specific insurance company trends. A ratio of less than one hundred is better than average.

How to ask for a quote so you can compare apples to apples

A response to the following information must be decided before asking for an auto insurance quote:

Car make, model, year, current mileage 
Deductible amount for collision, comprehension and liability 
Coverage for medical 
Purpose for using the car 
Miles driven per year 
Number of designated drivers 
Drivers ages What is the result of performing the above steps?

The Auto Insurance companies used for this Auto Insurance Quote Review are 21st Century, Allstate, Esurance, Geico, Nationwide, Safeco, The Hartford. These companies were selected based on longevity in the business and their familiarity to consumers throughout the United States. The stability, consumer overall satisfaction (Sat.), policy options (Opt.), price (of premium) and automated phone service rated as follows.

J.D. Power and Associates

Insurance Co. AMBest SP Sat. Opt. Price Phone

21st Century A A 3 3 4 2 
Allstate A+ AA- 3 3 3 3 
Esurance A- n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 
Geico A++ 3As 3 4 4 3 
Nationwide A+ A+ 3 3 2 3 
Safeco A A- 3 2 2 3 
The Hartford A AA- 3 3 4 3

The number of consumer complaints for these auto insurance companies rated as follows in the states of Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas and Kentucky.

The Complaint Ratio for Five States

Insurance Co. IL MN MO TX KY

21st Century n/a n/a n/a 199 n/a 
Allstate 55 130 130 165 19 
Esurance n/a 212 212 455 0 
Geico 33 149 128 132 116 
Nationwide n/a 76 76 131 0 
Safeco 29 117 117 71 25 
The Hartford 29 n/a 454 200 54

The Auto Insurance Quote Sample

The following information was used for all quotes:

 2006 Toyota Camry 4dr v6 engine LE 
 50,000 miles  
 Driven under 9000 miles per year  
 Used for pleasure  
 $100 Deductible for comprehensive and collision  
 $250,000/$500,000 Liability  collision  
 $10,000 medical 
 One car and two drivers Auto Insurance Quotes

The following six month policy quotes were received from each of the companies listed below:

Company Quote

21st Century $237.68 
AllState $392.00 
Esurance $343.00 
Geico $260.10 
Nationwide $415.40 
Safeco $281.00 
The Hartford $375.00

Ways To Lower The Premium

Most insurance companies will offer discounts for the following events:

Save driving record for 3 - 5 years  
No minor infractions for 3 years 
Anti lock devices installed in your vehicle 
No DUI for the last 3 - 5 years 
License not suspended for the past 3 years 
Good credit rating 
Car owned rather than leased or financed 
A second vehicle is also insured 
Other types of insurance is also purchased from them 

High risk drivers can expect to have a higher premium. Not all insurance companies will insure them. In addition when a high risk driver has an accident, the insured can expect difficulty when attempting to get the vehicle repaired using car manufactured parts. Generally auto insurance companies will pay only for the cheapest parts available.

Some insurance companies offer a lower premium for the first year as an enticement to encourage you to get your auto insurance coverage through them. So always ask about the second year premium price.

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Free Auto Insurance Quote Online? Yes! Do It Now.

It is a good idea. You have nothing to loose and much to gain. There is no charge to get a free auto insurance quote, except for the time it takes to ask for the quote. Do it today. You can find out for yourself how your current auto insurance premium compares to other auto insurance company premiums.

Auto Insurance Quotes - New Tech Means Ease of Discovery

The comparison of insurance quotes has been made simple through the expansion of internet. The internet is best place to compare auto insurance quotes. The safekeeping of their vehicle is really significant for car owners. The correct manner to preserve the safekeeping is to purchase an auto insurance plan.

There are quite a few insurers around that offer auto insurance policies to car owners. All these businesses retain their own coverage rates and plans.

Comparing car quotes aids people to comprehend the costs and the appropriate policies. The majority of the insurance websites let people evaluate the auto insurance quote at no charge, whereas a few others charge a minor fee. The plan of each the insurance websites are comparable. It's better to go for the free quote websites to do comparisons initially.

Comparison websites evaluate both, the policies and auto insurance quotes. The online quote saves people both time and money. Folks may get out of paying the commission to an agent. Therefore, using an auto quote comparison, the agent' role is not necessary. People can get a understandable picture concerning the rates and the plan, using online auto quote comparisons.

It's necessary to evaluate the quotes, to make sure that you receive the lowest insurance quote. Various quotes are accessible online. Nevertheless, you need to take into account specific information when you compare auto insurance quotes.

First, you must fill in some personal information on a registration form. The registration is required to ask for free evaluation charts of auto quotes. Contrast quotes for the all the preferred coverage plans with various insurers.

The insurance rate is merely a fundamental aspect when purchasing auto insurance. Assess the dependability of the company. The majority of the new insurance companies offer lower quotes. You must make sure that the business offers first-rate customer service and has sound financial reliability.

You must have a decent credit history before asking for an auto quote. A poor credit history makes a bad impression to the insurer and as a consequence, they will provide higher quotes.

Remain with your current insurer for a while longer to reduce the insurance quote. When you have to buy another kind of policy, having been a long-term client of an insurance company gets lower quotes from them. A history of traffic violations and accidents will result in a higher auto insurance quote.